April 7 2017 is International Beaver Day. Let’s make it International DamBeavers Day by giving away this handcrafted Dambeavers MegaMeeples Set in celebration of @The_Prototyper hitting 20 followers! (Belated we know, but we get there in the end)

Crafted from the finest of packing crate grade ply, these oversized Meeple figurines are the main characters from the tabletop game DamBeavers. Featuring the Beaver, Wolverine, Lumberjack and the Shaman’s Teepee these pieces are CNC machined before being hand finished in tung oil and beeswax. Hours and hours of sanding, oiling and polishing go into each figure and I think you will be pretty pleased with the results! They look beautiful on your desk, mantel or wherever you like to keep your precious knick-knacks. This is one of very few sets in the world! Check back in on April 7th for ways to enter!

Beaver measures H56 L59 W20
Wolverine H55 L128 W20
Lumberjack H85 L80 W20
Shaman’s Teepee H80 L67 W20