Vamoose Co is a Melbourne based independent tabletop publishing company.

Our first two games, Scoffton and DamBeavers are in development and have already been entertaining people in prototype form for some time now.

Scoffton is LIVE on Kickstarter right now!


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Our Games


“Welcome to Scoffton, can we get you some bread?”

You’ve just stepped back in time into the worst All You Can Eat Buffet in town, Scoffton! Nothing has changed here since 1985, including the prawns…


Welcome to the natural habitat of Castor Canadensis (or, the North American Beaver), a fertile river which wends its way through a Canadian forest. Beavers are out exploring the terrain and foraging for food, wood
and mud. Lumberjacks are felling trees and wolverines prowl the land, always on the lookout for their next, oh so juicy meal…

Blog: The Prototyper

On 3D Printing Meeples

3D printing is something I have come to very recently and I must say it has been one of the best things to have gotten myself involved in, both from a games prototyping perspective and from a general knick-knacks perspective. Whilst I don’t yet own a printer, I am...

The Wad Punch

Today I want to talk about an apparently little known but inherently useful tool that should be in every game prototyper’s tool kit - the Wad Punch. Often utilised in the fine art of gasket making, a wad punch, when struck with a hammer or mallet creates a circular...

International DamBeavers Day

Happy International Beaver Day everybody! This year we are making it International DamBeavers Day by running a competition for the next month with these MegaMeeps from the game DamBeavers as a one and only prize! Head over to for...