This Content Creators Compendium has been made available for the use of all interested in making contact with Tabletop Game related Content Creators. It contains 300+ Content Creators who provide content such as reviews, previews, play-throughs, unboxing vids, and how-to-play vids across a wide range of media including podcasts, blogs, photography, video and guinea pig.
Email addresses have been omitted out of respect for Content Creators, find the people you are interested in and then locate their contact details accordingly.

This list has been built primarily using Twitter, I’m sure I am just scratching the surface.
Some Content Creators might have small followings on Twitter but much larger audiences on their preferred platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. It’s not the size of the following that is interesting but the quality of the content produced as in most cases YOU will be the one doing the promotion of the content.

If you are a Content Creator and would like to be on this list (or taken off it) please get in contact with Vamoose.