Welcome to Scoffton – the finest in All-You-Can-Eat dining for under $5!
Compete with other tables of diners to gain the most Value For Money (VFM) points. Grab the best dishes from the buffet before they go. Lobster tail anyone?
Management, in their constant cost cutting concerns, will try to thwart your efforts to scoff supremely. Don’t let them fill you up on bread.

Fill sections of your stomach with matching menu items for bonus VFM points. Will it be the Surf’n’Turf? Or perhaps a Beige Plate is more your thing. But don’t worry, you’ll always have room for sweets in your dessert belly. Can you fill it up first and score some sweet, sweet VFM points?

There’s something for the whole family at Scoffton! We’ve got coffee, a soft serve machine. Kids getting ratty at the table – send them to the claw machine for a chance to win even more VFM points. Come on oversized novelty hotdog!

And of course, no trip to Scoffton is complete without checking out the extensive lost’n’found department. What wondrous items might you find that could help you on your quest to better your fellow diners in gaining VFM points? Those non-slip shoes look pretty good when the food starts flying, or the microbe detection kit could come in very handy, after all no one likes salmonella laced seafood. While those prawns do look tasty, they could be your undoing.

So what are you waiting for, get scoffing at Scoffton and scoff yourself to the top.

Claw Machine