Board game design, development and publishing!

Vamoose Co is the creative outlet of Gavin Vance and Marcus Finlay. After years of being told to vamoose, they did just that…

Our philosophy is simple; make fun, light hearted games that keep people coming back, share the process via social media and let people immerse themselves in our world as we journey from being noobs to a fully fledged publishing entity.

Our design philosophy is even simpler. Gavin comes up with a name, theme and basic mechanics then Marcus adds some fancy mathematical wrangling into the process while Gavin gets all impatient about firing up the 3D printer to produce the prototypes.

Together they painstakingly craft and refine physical prototypes into games worthy of your attention.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, Vamoose Co was created as an outlet for its founders to deliver great games to the world. Vamoose Co’s first game Scoffton was released in 2021!