Welcome to the natural habitat of Castor Canadensis (or, the North American Beaver), a fertile river which wends its way through a Canadian forest. Beavers are out exploring the terrain and foraging for food, wood and mud. Lumberjacks are felling trees and wolverines prowl the land, always on the lookout for their next, oh so juicy meal.

As the leader of a beaver colony, compete against other clans to multiply the fastest. Choose the best position in the river to build your initial dam. It is from here that your beavers start exploring the surrounding terrain. Use your turn to extend the terrain, or send beavers to gather resources, or begin a new building project to advance your stronghold in the river. Create resource rich areas that only you can reach, until a rival muscles their way in.

Act fast and act smart because you only have 12 moves in a year and when the spring floods come, the landscape will change again due to your damming activities.

Will the annual flooding of your dam sites assist only you, or will it enrich your rivals and allow them to snatch victory?

The start of each spring also heralds the arrival of your new baby beavers which help to increase the colony’s capabilities.But don’t forget, nature can be a cruel, unpredictable mistress. While you are out
foraging an opponent may use one of their precious turns to spite you by unleashing the lumberjack or worse still – the wolverine!

Who will use their turns wisely to end the game with the most…DamBeavers!