“Welcome to Scoffton, can we get you some bread?”

You’ve just stepped back in time into the worst All You Can Eat Buffet in town, Scoffton! Nothing has changed here since 1985, including the prawns!

The battle is on to win the game with the most Value For Money (VFM) points by chowing down on all the most delectable cuts before those other diners get to them. Move food from buffet to table to belly, not forgetting of course to fill your separate Dessert Belly! Create meals from the suggested menu selections and receive bonus VFM points! Choose from the main buffet, salad and dessert bars or Ice Cream Machine. If none of those are available make a complaint at reception for a free black coffee or try your luck at the Claw Machine for extra chances to win VFM points!

But what’s this? Management don’t want you filling up on expensive seafood and will do anything to cram your table with bread? Management will also reluctantly clean a dirty restaurant and restock the buffet and bars. Or an over exuberant waiter might just clear up your entire table whilst you’re busy at the buffet.

Utilise items from the Lost’n’Found Box that can help you pull the placemat out from under your opponents. Microbe Detection Kit, Extra Long Tongs, Non-Slip Shoes, Lazy Susan, Manager’s Jacket, they’re all there and mostly useful!

Scoffton is the worker placement game of belly management that takes about 60 minutes to play and can accommodate 2-4 players age 10+.

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In the meantime, “can we get you some more bread?”

You can also download the current rules to Scoffton in low-res(2Mb) here and hi-res(15Mb) here

*Images are of Scoffton in prototype form

Claw Machine