It was a bright winter’s Saturday morning, with not much in the car except the kids and a whole bunch of boardgames. We hit the Hume heading north, and followed the path of the Goulburn River, the winter sun gleaming through the gums, illuminating our way. After a stop or two to snack and stretch we arrived in Yorta Yorta country and our destination: the GV Hotel in the heart of Shepparton.
Not much has changed at the GV Hotel since its 1923 rebuild. Its grand old staircase led upstairs to the O shaped room, all chrome and coloured glass, already bustling with gamers by 11:30am (and certainly an improvement on last year’s location). We found our lanyards and nabbed a spare table to set the kids up at.The first game we played was our most updated prototype of Scoffton. It was good to get some eyes on it and fun watching the kids battle each other with increasing intensity mainly using items from the new and improved Lost N Found deck.

After this I played a bunch of games with the kids and managed to recruit some similarly aged friends into some adventures suitable for younger players. It was actually really nice just to soak up the exceptional atmosphere and not worry about spruiking my own design.
One thing that made this con so nice was the games collections of the attendees stocked on a bench all labeled and made available for anyone and everyone to loan. Such trust and openness rare to see in many events and larger conventions.


I did get involved in the real-time, dice-rolling, monster-battling mayhem of the Eye For An Eye tournament and finished in a solid second last place. (Coming soon to KS @Occulites)

I did manage to recruit 4 new players for one game of Scoffton and it came down to an incredibly close 1 point between first and second place, and 1 point between second and third. Poor Danielle who finished last, was looking good until she ate the poisoned prawn!

We left the con at around 6pm and headed to our motel (actually the very same location as last year’s con). With the kids well and truly boardgamed out I had to give Sunday’s Protospiel a pass and visited a few of Shepparton’s finer playgrounds instead.

I can’t wait for ShepparCon2019! Thanks to @ArkAngel_Games, @Caradocp and the rest of the crew for another amazing con! And a big thanks and welcome to all our new subscribers. Keep your eye out in your mailbox for Scoffton Kickstarter alerts.