Vamoose Co is a Melbourne based independent board game publishing company.

Our first game, Scoffton, was released in 2021 after a successful 2019 Kickstarter campaign

Scoffton is currently available from the following fine retail outlets:

Mind Games (Three locations within suburban Melbourne)

GUF Ballarat

Board Games and Battle Grounds Seymour

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Our Games


“Welcome to Scoffton, can we get you some bread?”

You’ve just stepped back in time into the worst All You Can Eat Buffet in town, Scoffton! Nothing has changed here since 1985, including the prawns…


Welcome to the natural habitat of Castor Canadensis (or, the North American Beaver), a fertile river which wends its way through a Canadian forest. Beavers are out exploring the terrain and foraging for food, wood
and mud. Lumberjacks are felling trees and wolverines prowl the land, always on the lookout for their next, oh so juicy meal…